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Brain science to improve horse work. Our fastest growing site.

Read by some of the world’s most accomplished horsemen and women. Home to BHP Summit, an exciting new conference in Colorado.

Established in 2008, this smart, lively site features multiple guest columnists and award-winning blog.

Our outdoor recreation site celebrates backcountry exploration, reviews gear, and highlights current issues.


Our readers and listeners are educated and outdoors-y. They are horse owners with expendable income. They research and reward high-quality goods and services with loyalty and fan support.
Readers and listeners love our honest, high-minded reviews. They care about supply chain, manufacturing ethics, and Made in America elements.
If you value these kinds of customers, you need to connect with our audience. Think horse owners are a fringe element? Think again and read this piece in High Country News.

Demographic Data

While each site is expanding differently in its demographic and geographic reach, overall readers tend to be older, educated and decidedly outdoors-y.
Many visitors own horses and ride regularly; nearly all own dogs.

Most travel often (with and without their animals).
NickerNews readers are roughly 90 percent women, ages 30-60.

BestHorsePractices, Horse Head, & HighCountryOutsider are equally men and women, ages 30-60.

Upcoming Purchases

  • Horse-related getaways & vacations
  • Tack and horse-related gear
  • Outdoor gear and clothing
  • Truck- and trailer-related products
  • Backcountry supplies (GPS, 1st aid, camping)
  • Barn supplies (buckets, rakes, insect-related, etc.)
  • Riding and/or barn boots
  • Dog supplies

Demographic Breakdown

  • 65% trail ride
  • 90% own dogs
  • 70% own more than one horse
  • 50% keep their horses at home or private facility
  • 70% are responsible for their own horse care, management and all purchases related to those responsibilities
  • 95% spend more than 15 hours a week outside, regardless of season
  • 50% have additional outdoor hobbies outside of horse riding
  • 65% have followed at least one of our sites for 5+ years
  • I truly look forward to articles from Nicker News, Best Horse Practices, and Horse Head.  They provide a unique and interesting combination of research information and practical guidance to help me become a better rider and a more effective trainer.

    Paul Sherland
  • The quality and overall content has always been rewarding, comprehensive and well researched. It inspires us to go above and beyond, to grow in our knowledge and advancing our horsemanship skills.

    Barb Kiiper in New Mexico
  • Every week, Maddy Butcher puts out an informative and interesting newsletter with content that educates, inspires, entertains and expands the horizons of horse lovers.

    Steve in Utah
  • Maddy provides meaningful content that based in research, benefitting horses, rather than fluff pieces or content that simply reinforces popular beliefs. She reaches out to horsemen and women of different disciplines, habits, and practices. She features people who believe in what they do and who want to make the world a better place for horses.

    Amy in North Carolina
  • If you’re yearning for a solid foundation of knowledge about horses and riding, not marketing and gimmicks, then Cayuse Communications is the place to bookmark. Working with horses is always about asking great questions. Finding teachers, horsemen and horsewoman all in one spot asking great questions is even better. There is never one answer it always “depends.” Thanks for making the wisdom of many available in one location.

    Nancy in Alberta, Canada
  • I love the high editorial standards at Cayuse Communications. Prior to finding HorseHead, I'd long grown tired of horse magazines repeating the same tired and frequently uninformed articles. I was searching for sources of thought-provoking knowledge that would inspire and inform me to be a better horse owner. Thanks to this site, I don't have to spend all my time wading through the good, bad, and ugly.

    Jacqueline in Alberta, Canada
  • This collection of publications does not represent the piecing together of a crazy quilt, but the solid focusing of Maddy’s work: to improve the life of the horse through science and observation.  She is able to bring together thoughtful people, academics, trainers to create a network intent on that goal; now she can share that information in one place.  This work continues to change my life and the lives of my horses.

    Debbie in Maine

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